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Stock Video Footage Database
Available 24/7
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We can shoot footage for you in New York City.

New York City - year 1985

  • Central Park

  • Most Streets throughout Harlem
  • Harlem in the rain
  • Buildings in Harlem
  • Abandoned buildings in the East Village
  • Abandoned buildings in Harlem
  • Many Streets throughout East Village
  • Many Streets on the upper East Side
  • Midtown Manhattan
  • 129 Street
  • 8th Avenue
  • 2nd Ave Street Fair
  • Canal Street
  • Rockaway Playland
  • Washington Heights

New York City - year 1986

  • Central Park lake

  • Electric Cars in NYC (May 1986)
  • Washington Square Park
  • Holloween Parade at night

New York City - year 1988

New York City - year 1991

  • NYC Lower Manhattan

  • World Trade Center
  • Environmental Fair
  • Electric Cars

New York City - year 2001

  • DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge)

  • Fashion show over looking NYC.
  • Various street scenes.
  • Art scenes.
  • Human powered vehicle.

New York City - year 2004

  • Times Square at night.

  • 3D (stereographic video ) of Times Square at night and daytime.
  • East Village at night
  • East Village in daytime
  • Soho with crowds of people in daytime
  • Midtown Manhattan in daytime
  • Washington Square Park in the daytime
  • 42 Street
  • (Most streets in Manhattan)
  • Korea Town (West 32 Street, between Madison Avenue and Broadway, both sides of the street)
  • Williamsburg
  • Upper East Side
  • Upper West Side
  • Tribeca Film Festival
  • 8th Avenue
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Staten Island Ferry
  • Empire State Building
  • Christmas
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Macy's Department Store
  • Herald Square
  • Central Park
  • Zoo
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Williamsburg Bridge
  • Manhattan Bridge
  • George Washington Bridge (GW Bridge)
  • Queens
  • Staten Island
  • Brooklyn
  • Waterfront
  • Madison Avenue
  • Park Avenue
  • 57th Street
  • Most streets in Manhattan
  • Stores

If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask!

  • Restaurants

  • Times Square
  • UN (United Nations)
  • East River
  • Boats and boatyards
  • Financial District
  • Broadway
  • Lower Manhattan
  • Out door markets
  • Fulton Fish Market in early morning
  • Art Galleries
  • Art Openings
  • Celebrities in New York
  • City Hall

World Trade Center

  • Before the collapse

  • Lower Footage from the Brooklyn Waterfront showing thousands of people streaming over the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, with the huge pillars of smoke emanating from the site of the World Trade Center, just minutes after the collapse
  • Lower Manhattan showing all streets coated in dust. Shot from City Hall, about 20 minutes after the last tower fell. Includes police, security, military, fighter planes flying overhead, as well as views of 1 Center Street and Police Plaza.
  • Tribeca showing Puffy's Tavern filled with people watching TV for news about what was happening as well as police barricades and dazed people everywhere. Thick smoke from the WTC, just a few blocks away, is clearly seen.
  • Moments after the collapse of the remaining World Trade Center Tower: Lower Manhattan, including Police Plaza, City Hall, Police security, jet fighters, military, crushed vehicles, smoke, fires. These are NOT video's of the Trade Center itself, but rather from two blocks north of the World Trade Center up to 14 Street. In total, about 2 hours of quality video tape footage shows the chaotic street scenes immediately after the collapse of the twin towers.
  • Seven World Trade Center with fire clearly visible through some of the windows. This includes some of the closer footage taken of the World Trade Center and was studied by the US Government in their 7 WTC reports. Some footage shot from on top of a 25 story building just a few blocks north of the tower.
  • Much footage of dust
  • Union Square memorials
  • Washington Square Park
  • Tribeca, Lower Broadway
  • Downtown
  • Chinatown
  • Puffy's Tavern
  • dust everywhere
  • close ups using super long telephoto lenses of crane trucks removing debris
  • the remains of the Twin Towers
  • welders cutting the remaining structure
  • other footage of the former World Trade Center.
  • World trade center memorial in lights.

Republican National Convention - New York City 2004

  • Union Square Park protests daytime

  • Union Square Park protests nighttime
  • Fuji Film blimp used as NYPD surveillance platform
  • Anti-War Parade on 8th Avenue
  • Anti-War protest parade on 23 Street
  • Anti-War/Convention protesters arrested on bus at night
  • Anti-War protests on 2nd Avenue
  • Anti-War bike riders riding south on Broadway
  • Convention Center area being built.
  • Convention Center area during Convention.


  • Tokyo much footage throughout Tokyo

  • Daytime
  • Night time
  • Tokyo in the Rain (Shibuya)
  • Ginza in the daytime
  • Bullet Trains
  • Inside subway cars
  • Soccer Demonstrations
  • Inside subway cars
  • Train Stations
  • Young people in central Tokyo (Shibuya)
  • Ebis Garden Place and surrounding area
  • Megero
  • Hiroo
  • Ropoongi
  • Kyoto
  • Temples
  • Modern Hiroshima
  • Endoshima
  • Hakone
  • Kanda (book sellers)

Please send an email for details and a complete film clip list covering Japan.


Early footage is available on several different topics

  • 1890 Japanese acrobats

  • 1898 Launching of a Japanese war ship
  • 1905 various films, amounting to about 3 hours of footage, transferred to video showing the negotiations between the Japanese and Russians in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which resulted in the treaty of Portsmouth. This treaty solidified Japanese rule in Korea, portions of China, Manchuria, Formosa (Taiwan) and other regions. Further, it gave Japan rights over the very extensive Russian railroad system in China and almost absolute trade rights to all of these regions. Perhaps the biggest gain to Japan was that after this treaty, Japan felt comfortable enough to declare the Island of Hokaido as a part of Japan. Prior to 1867, there were very few Japanese on this island, which was populated primarily by the Ainu, who themselves at one time, controlled all of the four main Japanese islands. In addition, Hokaido had numerous Russian fishing villages. Many other issues were and problems were created by this treaty and one can perhaps argue that they were resolved in the end with World War 2.

A total of 12 pre-1907 films covering Japan is available for film producers. Please send an email for details.

Poland 1989-1990
About 7 hours of raw footage covering the critical transitional period when Poland went from a planned economy (communism) to a market economy. The footage covers Warsaw, Praga (Warsaw suburb over the Vistula River), Gdynia, Gdansk (former Danzig), Sopot, Oliva, Slupk, Stetchin, and other regions. In addition, thousands of still photographs are available covering this area. Scenes include: Long lines of people waiting to buy goods and food (there was a general break down in distribution for a few months), black market, general city scenes, trollies, countryside, demonstrations, stores, construction projects, shipping, businesses, farming towns, cities, day to day life, parties, festivals and a wide variety of other scenes.

Eastern Europe between 1989 and 1995: Czechoslovakia (Slovakia, Czech Republic), Hungary, Yugoslavia, Baltics, Lithuania and other Eastern European Countries from 1989-1995. About 3 hours of raw footage covering the critical transitional period when Eastern Europe went from a planned economy (communism) to a market economy. Photographer/film maker wrote well known business and economic books, which are available in most libraries world wide, and had good access and perspective. Also includes interview with the world famous famous Slovakian Artist Albin Brunovsky (deceased). Another interview with Mr. Brunovsky includes when he was in New York City in 1988.







Geisha's and women from the turn of the century. Stills compiled into a video